Richard and Mimi Farina play guitar and dulcimer
Wildwood Flower on dulcimer

2007 Dulcimer Festival Tishimingo State Park Tishimingo, Mississippi October 20, 2007 Roger Patterson of Athens Alabama demonstrates the mountain dulcimer.

Julie Ann Johnson on mountain dulcimer


Ghost Riders In The Sky on mountain dulcimer

Ghost Riders In The Sky - Vaughn Monroe

Mountain Dulcimer and Violin Multitrack Sweet Hour of Prayer

Mimi & Richard Farina performing "Dopico" and "Celebration For A Grey Day"

Hamish by Richard and Mimi Farina

La Primavera

Michael Kent Smith playing a Scottish Dance

Dulcimer - John Henry - Stephen Seifert

Clawhammer Dulcimer - Cripple Creek - Stephen Seifert

Smokey Mtn. Dulcimer Strum stick

Mountain Dulcimer Celtic Travel

Amazing Grace (mountain dulcimer)

My Grandfather's Clock

Michael Elam-When Smythe Became a Smith

Chickens on the dulcimer!

before its too late - goo goo dolls

Rosin the Beau

Shebeg Shemor

Streets of Laredo (mountain dulcimer)

Whiskey Before Breakfast on dulcimer.

Dueling Banjos on dulcimer.

Flop Eared Mule

Robert Force Show--2006 Louisiana Dulcimer Champ

Mountain Dulcimer

Step Around Johnny/mountain dulcimer

House of the Rising Sun -- mountain dulcimer instrumental

Dulcimer Girls

Ruben's Train on Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer, Dulcimer Boogie

"Jessica" - Allman Brothers

Flags -- Electric Mountain Dulcimer

Third Man Theme on Zither