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This page was last updated: September 16, 2010
To: 148 Red Rock Ranch Road
Red Rock, TX 78662
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Fresh Heirloom Collection

I am Dewitte Carrington, the Dulcimer Luthier here in the Sand Hills Dulcimer Factory.  I hand carve my dulcimers out of rare and exotic woods using the old time manual methods and very few power tools.  Each dulcimer is unique and follows a theme.  Most dulcimers take six months to finish if I work every day, all day long, which I do. 

Forty-three years of labor has produced fifteen dulcimers I consider worthy of mention.  These are my "Fresh Heirloom" collection, and are now available for sale.  Browse through the Gallery and choose a Fresh Heirloom for you or your family.

If you don't see the one for you, I will custom handcarve one to your specifications.  Call or write me at the above address, I'll get right on it!
I've been this way since 1966.
Dewitte Cameron Carrington III
Dulcimer Luthier
This page was last updated: September 16, 2010
Courting Dulcimer "Ikraah"  The carving is in Arabic and means "Read"
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Hello!  Welcome to Dulcimers Available. 
DeWitte Carrington passed away after a short bout with Pancreatic Cancer.  Dulcimers are no longer available, this site is in rememberance of a wonderful, caring and giving person  We love you and miss you DeWitte!
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